Emergency board up services for businesses.

24/7  Emergency Board-Up Service (A Guide)

When disasters occur, either by nature or by other people, the damage to your home or office will seem irreparable, and it’s exceedingly difficult to know where to begin. Don’t worry. There are certified disaster restoration companies, like us here at First Call Response, that have the expertise to help you through the tragedy through board-up services.

24-Hour Board-up services involve a team of professionals trained in restoration and remediation coming to residential and commercial properties that have been damaged to the point where the doors and windows are no longer intact and leave the building open to additional damage. After assessing the damage, the experts board up the door and window areas that are broken to keep the remaining structure intact and unwanted persons, animals, and elements, out.

Read the guide below to understand more about the various damages that require board-up services and to learn about the process First Call Response (FCR) takes in restoration and remediation.

The Board Up Process

After any kind of disaster or misfortune compromises the security and/or structural integrity of the building, there are four essential steps that both residential homeowners and commercial property managers need to take:

  1. Report the incident to the proper authorities
  2. Call the restoration experts
  3. Call your insurance agent

If you choose to call First Call Response, the process we take has several steps:

  1. Discussion of the situation and advice for what happens next during the first phone call.
  2. Initial assessment of the property damage
  3. Documentation
  4. Emergency boarding (Damage mitigation)
  5. Restoration

Discussion and Advice

When you call us, regardless of when thanks to 24/7 service, we will have you describe the kind of damage to us (fire damage, storm damage, accidents) and explain if the property damaged was residential or commercial.

We will also ask you questions about your insurance, the address of the property, and ask for your contact information to reach you.

Then we will give you advice on what to do and what not to do next, based on the kind of damages. One piece of advice we’re likely to give you is to inform your insurance agency that you have a restoration company taking measures to preserve the property. When the agency knows this, it will prevent the risk of being dropped from their policy. As we discuss the situation, a technician from our crew will be on their way to begin the next step.

Initial Damage Assessment

When the technician arrives, they will begin inspecting the property and evaluating the damages. Their training and experience will ensure that they make the right choices and take the right precautionary measures to preserve the property and keep everyone involved safe. The technician may have questions for you, so stay close by.

Documentation for Insurance

FCR possesses expert knowledge of insurance company policies and requirements when filing claims. When damage has been done to the property, our company will take pictures of the damage and organize the other necessary documentation your insurance agency needs before filing your claim.

The technician sent to the property will also analyze damaged residential and commercial items and categorize them based on their,

  • Loss of value
  • Loss of use
  • Personal value to the owner
  • Decreased life-span
  • And more.

First Call Response staff and crew are trained to be able to help with the entire assessment process, if necessary.

24-Hour Emergency Boarding Up

We can’t leave your home open to any oncoming weather, animals hoping to find a safe new home, curious neighbors, or thieves, who can cause further damage to the building’s remaining structure.

Emergency board-up services is one of the ways we perform damage mitigation and prevention of further damage. Boarding up the doors and windows will keep the structure relatively secure. After boarding up the location and performing other damage-lessening tasks, we will connect you to the right people you need to take over the restoration process, such as professional contractors.

The Damages

As a homeowner or property manager, you’ll need to regain your property’s security after any misfortune that compromises that security. These misfortunes usually are fire, vehicle, storm, and burglar related.

24-Hour Fire Damage Board Up Service

After your house or office has been enveloped by a fire, either by a forest fire, a fire that started from a neighbor’s house, or from your own building’s electric systems, there will be new openings. Windows will have been broken because they can’t handle the thermal pressure, and doors will be burned off their hinges. These gaps, and the compromised internal structure, will require us to board up the building.

24-Hour Car Accidents Board Up Service

After car accidents make their way from the road and run straight into your residential or commercial property, there will be a large hole left in the car’s place when it’s been cleared away.

24-Hour Break-ins Board Up Service

The nightmare of every homeowner is the same for commercial property managers. If there are windows or doors with older locks, burglars will attempt to gain entry through them. After thieves and vandals have broken through the plate-glass windows of your business, it must be patched up again, even with the temporary solution of boarding, to prevent any other thief from making an attempt.

24-Hour Storm Damage Board Up Service

Tornados, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and floods bring devastating water and wind damage to a building, easily breaking the windows and causing structural damage. After the storm has passed, we will board up any broken doorways and windows. If another storm comes through after we have boarded up the property, the boards will lessen any additional storm damage.

Certified disaster restoration experts, like FCR, don’t simply board up broken windows and doors, but ensure business conducted with you, as the property owner or manager, and with insurance companies, is as painless as humanly possible. When accidents or disasters happen, don’t risk additional damages or do everything alone by boarding up the damaged areas yourself. When you have to face a tragedy, it’s better to face it with a trained team of professionals.

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