Several roof with tarps or shrink wrap to prevent water from entering.

24/7 Emergency Tarp and Shrink Wrap Service

Has nasty weather caused damage to your windows, roofing, or both? It’s difficult to think of long-term repairs when you’re facing a night with an exposed home. With this in mind, we recommend contacting First Call Response for an emergency roof tarp service now. With a commercial and residential roof tarping service, you can protect your home or business in the short term while working on a long-term repair plan.


Commercial and Residential Services

When rough weather comes around, it doesn’t discriminate. Therefore, we see lots of businesses and homeowners affected. Alternatively, it may have been a tree that fell and damaged your roof or another issue. Either way, you need to cover your roof to prevent further damage. If left uncovered, you leave the building exposed, and this offers rain and wind a simple route into the property.

Prevent Further Damage

In most cases, it’s impossible to schedule repairs to start immediately. If there’s more heavy weather to come, you might not want to schedule repairs for the roof to get damaged again soon after. By covering your roof with a shrink wrap roof seal, you prevent further damage (and further hits to your bank account).

Roofing Tarp Services

Furthermore, you don’t need to have experienced serious damage to benefit from our roof tarping service. Instead, you may have just noticed water spots on the ceiling or puddles of water on the floor. In either case, covering your roof is the best option to prevent further damage until you can have a professional review its condition.

ASAP To Protect Your Roof – First Call Response

At First Call Response, we have a fantastic team of professionals with many years of experience in the field. After contacting us, we’ll get to you as soon as possible to protect your roof and windows. Of course, we’re also protecting the structural foundation and the future health of the property with the right action.

Fly-By-Night Roofers Are Prone to Causing More Roof Damage

At this point, we should inform you about so-called ‘fly-by-night’ roofers. After a major disaster such as a hurricane or storm, these roofers will go from door-to-door offering their services. While this might seem like a savior during a difficult time, you should know that most people who use these services are left disappointed. Fly-by-night roofers are prone to causing more damage and installing covers poorly.

As you’ve probably guessed, an incorrectly installed tarp is like having no tarp at all. These roofers cause dangerous environments for families and it’s best to avoid them. Instead, contact a reliable and experienced tarp and shrink wrap service directly.


Shrink Wrap Roof Seal

At First Call Response, we offer various types of coverings. While some services stick to tarp solutions, we’ve recognized the value of a shrink wrap roof seal. In many cases, these are a much better option for homeowners and businesses. Especially after a major disaster, shrink wrap is generally more effective at protecting properties from water and wind damage.

Wrap the Roof For TIghter Fit

While tarp simply covers your roof, shrink wrap literally wraps the roof for a tighter fit. The plastic membrane hugs the contours of the roof while the seams are welded with heat. All in all, no water will get through this seal, and it provides supreme protection while you organize the repair.

Tarp vs Shrink Wrap

Why is a roof tarping service normally inferior to shrink wrap? Because it attaches with nails and furring strips, and this means placing more holes in the roof. What’s more, the material of the tarp degrades faster, and many property owners find that the seams can look messy.

On the other hand, the shrink wrap roof seal is resistant to UV rays, waterproof, and as tight as a drum once installed. If you prefer tarp or if you think that tarp is the better option for your property, our emergency roof tarp service is all you need.



Choosing Our Service

With First Call Response, you get a free service call, interior moisture inspection, and infrared leak detection. From here, we’ll assess the condition of your roof and offer advice on how to proceed. Whether tarp or a shrink wrap roof seal, you can be sure that your roof won’t suffer any more damage while you arrange further inspections and repairs.

If your roof is clearly damaged or you just suspect a problem, contact our determined team today. Regardless of the time, we have professionals that will visit your home or business for your peace of mind.

Shrink Wrap Can Be Installed On Most Roofs

Fortunately, it’s possible to install shrink wrap on most roof types. For example, this includes TPO, sloped roofs, flat roofs, asphalt shingle, shake shingle, metal, tile, and many others. Additionally, the material itself has been specially made with this application in mind. As a thick material, it shrinks after the application of heat, and this leads to the taught result that you need to protect the property.

As mentioned previously, all seams are welded using heat and this leads to a stronger application compared to many other materials. When choosing a contractor, you’ll want to make sure that you select a professional service that is insured, licensed, and bonded to work on your property. Thankfully, you’ll enjoy all these benefits when choosing our emergency roof tarp service.

Commercial/Residential Shrink Wrap Roof Seal

For both commercial and residential applications, we have experienced professionals who understand the pain of window or roof damage. With several different services, all you need to do is reach out to our team to get started and we’ll advise from there. Why leave your property exposed to further damage when you can have a professional install a shrink wrap roof seal?

FCR is Licensed and Insured

First Call Response is licensed and insured to help your home or business property in Florida. When a natural disaster causes damage to your home or business, make sure that we’re your first call to prevent further damage. Even if you just spot an issue not caused by a disaster, protection is the best form of defense. In many cases, you can prevent the need for expensive repairs with a simple tarp cover or more secure shrink wrap seal!

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