Carpeting pulled back to detect mold in carpet.

How to Detect Mold in Carpet

Do you suspect that you have mold in your carpet? Perhaps somebody you know has recently found mold in their carpet and you want to check the health of your own? If so, keep reading!

How to Test for Mold in Carpet

Every year, millions of Americans want to know how to tell if carpet is moldy. The first thing you can do is get onto your hands and knees and smell. While there are many reasons for your carpet to smell slightly, the presence of mold will give off a musty, earthy odor. If you pick up this musty odor, it’s worth pursuing the problem.

Next, have a detailed look at your carpet. Often, people think that mold is only ever black – with this misinformation, they believe that the substance isn’t present even when it is. Sometimes, mold can appear as green or even white growth.

If you’re now worried after sniffing and looking carefully at your carpet, the next step is to lift the carpet and look underneath. Naturally, you may need the help of a professional if the carpet is held firmly to the floor and you can’t get underneath. First Call Response has extensive mold remediation services to help your personal or business property.


Another answer to the question of how to know if your carpet has mold is if people in your house or business property have been experiencing allergy symptoms. When a carpet is infested with mold, it produces allergens that affect all those with allergies. For example, they may have had any of the following:

  • Rashes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes

Do they dread coming to your house because of these symptoms? Rather than just the time of the year, this could be a sign of something bigger.

The Problem with Moldy Carpet

At this stage, you might wonder why moldy carpet is such a big problem. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with mold is that it spreads…quickly. Therefore, what starts in your carpet can soon spread to the baseboards and walls themselves. With mold in your walls, this ruins the aesthetic appeal of the property, and it will also threaten the structural integrity of the whole building.

As we’ve already seen, another potential problem is how it affects all those within the building. With an estimated 10% of Americans carrying an allergy to mold, you might experience excessive sneezing, coughing, a stuffy nose, eye irritation, or another problem. Why go through all this stress when you can have First Call Response deal with the issue?

Furthermore, the CDC has suggested that those with a weaker immune system can develop respiratory illness, lung infection, and other serious health problems with mold in their everyday environment.

Other problems with mold include the appearance – who wants moldy carpet when welcoming guests for dinner? Who wants their friends to look at each other with an odd expression as they notice the earthy smell?

First Call Response

We’re committed to helping those in Florida with their mold woes, and it all starts with a phone call. Whether you’re in Pompano Beach or Lauderdale Lakes, call today if you suspect mold in your carpet. You know how to tell if carpet is moldy, but we have the equipment, expertise, and resources to deal with the problem properly.

After requests from our customers, we even use an unmarked truck. Why not call our friendly team today to learn more about our mold remediation services? We’re licensed, insured, and passionate about helping those in need!

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