Worker in protective overalls with red spray can over shoulder spraying mold on walls of a home.

Mold Remediation

When seeking “mold remediation services, near me” you’ll see lots of companies that promise to remove every bit of mold from your property. In reality, this is impossible because all homes naturally contain small levels of mold. Rather than promising full mold removal, we promise to bring the mold in your home back to natural levels (in other words, levels that won’t affect your health or deter friends from visiting!).

Mold Fact File

Before telling you all about our service and mold remediation, let’s clear up some misconceptions about mold. What most homeowners don’t realize is that mold is common in homesin the form of mold spores. However, it becomes a bigger problem when moisture is present, and the mold is allowed to spread and affect more areas. Whether due to a leak or poor airflow in the property, the moisture provides the perfect environment for the mold to spread, and this is when you start noticing it on the ceiling, in corners of rooms, along the baseboards, on windows, and in various other areas.

Microscopic Mold Spores

Scientifically speaking, the biggest issue with mold is the microscopic mold spores that float in the air and travel around your home. While this can start in a moist environment inside the home, mold spores can also be brought inside on clothing and pets. The more moisture, the more these mold spores create colonies and thrive.

Fast Spreading Mold

In the past, we’ve spoken to many families who didn’t realize how quickly mold could spread. What started as a small patch by the window took over all the items on the windowsill and they’re suddenly throwing possessions away because they had been taken by the substance.

Scarily, as those who have ignored mold treatment have found, mold can spread around your home in a matter of days. As soon as you spot the signs of mold, you must get in touch with a mold specialist like First Call Response because it could be a sign of a deeper problem. Especially if you’ve tried several mold removal products but the problem keeps returning, call our number today.

Contact First Call Response for a FREE Mold Inspection

If you suspect a mold problem, we recommend contacting us for a mold inspection as soon as possible. Due to the nature of the substance, quick action could be the difference between simple mold remediation and a more extensive one. First Call Response has the best mold detection equipment in the industry and will help you to locate the most problematic areas of your home whether this is behind paneling and wallpaper, under the carpet, or even behind ceiling tiles.

Mold Is a Sign of a Moist Home

Another misconception is that mold is a sign of a dirty home – this isn’t the case at all. Instead, it’s a sign of a moist home. Often, this is out of your control. For example, you may have leaking pipes behind the wall. Alternatively, it might be that you need to change some of your habits to improve the airflow around your property.

The Problem with Mold

Mold on wall around water connection to washer.

Why should you care about mold in your property? We could also phrase the question to “Why should you care about mold remediation beyond the aesthetic difference?”. Well, mold colonies can release and produce allergens. Therefore, anybody who enters your home with allergies can suffer from the following:

  • Sore eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Sneezing

The more time they spend inside the property, the more they’ll suffer from these allergic reactions. If this person lives on the property, they’re likely to lead an uncomfortable home life until you fix the problem (through mold removal!).

Mold Ruins the Appearance of Your Home

Another mold issue is that it ruins the appearance of your home while also eating away at the structure of the property. Without mold remediation, mold will continue to spread behind the walls, under the carpets, and in other areas, until it has infiltrated everywhere you could possibly imagine. With the allergies, the appearance, the smell (a musty odor), and the fact that it can cause long-term damage to your property, it makes sense to utilize our mold inspection today. We help not only remove the mold but with direct insurance billing and other potential problems.

Mold Health Risks

In terms of health concerns, those with allergies are likely to suffer the most without mold cleanup. However, fungal infections are also possible for anybody with underlying lung disease or immune suppression. If you have asthma or another chronic respiratory disease, you could struggle to breathe. With this in mind, deal with the mold early rather than risk the health of loved ones and other visitors to the property. Without treatment, the problems will only get worse for those who suffer from these types of conditions.

Mold Smells Musty and Earthy

As a bonus problem, large amounts of mold can also give off a musty, earthy smell. Regardless of air fresheners and other products, the smell still cuts through and this can make people feel self-conscious about their homes. This is another symptom of mold and another reason most homeowners want to remove it as soon as possible.

Mold Prevention

Ultimately, the best way to prevent serious mold infestations is to contact the best mold remediation and mold removal service around, and this comes in the shape of First Call Response. We have the right mold detection, mold testing, and mold mitigation equipment to get your home back to a healthier condition. With various mold specialists, we will visit your property and create a plan to attack the mold once and for all.

However, after we rid your home of mold, you’ll want to keep it away permanently rather than calling our number again. Although we’d love to hear from you, it’s better if you don’t need to contact us because we want you to have a stress- and mold-free life.

Preventing Mold

The best way to avoid mold is to prevent the environment that mold needs to thrive – for example, this means using the extractor fan or opening windows after a shower. If you allow all the steam and moisture to sit in the bathroom, you’re just inviting mold into the home. Additionally, we recommend wiping down the walls and windows in the bathroom after a bath/shower. These days, you’ll find electric handheld window vacs that collect water when needed.

Fix Leaks As Soon As Possible

As well as improving the airflow in your property while showering and even cooking, you can also fix leaks as quickly as possible (this includes roofs, pipes, and other culprits). If your home has experienced a flood, make sure you contact a reliable company to not only remove the water but also help to dry and clean the property too.


Removing Mold

When you first encounter mold, it’s often a difficult moment if you’ve never had the problem before. In the early stages, it’s important to identify the source. If you’ve relaxed a little with your showering habits, it could just be that excess moisture after a shower has caused some mold near the window of your bathroom. If you’re confident this is the cause, you can use mold cleanup products and keep an eye on the problem in the coming days.

Find the Mold Origination

If you’re not sure where the mold has originated, this is where you need a mold expert to visit your property with advanced equipment and knowledge. If you notice an earthy smell, we recommend contacting an expert for mold mitigation, especially when you can’t locate it.

First Call Response Will Locate the Mold

After you contact First Call Response, our first task is to locate the mold. If you have an idea of the source, you can point us in the right direction. If not, we’ll use advanced mold detection equipment. While many homeowners buy mold testing kits before contacting a professional, this normally just wastes critical time. You don’t need to know what type of mold exists in your home; you just need to eliminate it before it has a chance to spread.

Remove Moldy Items From Common Areas

If items in your home or business property have gone moldy, it’s important to remove them from common areas, and this is the next step. If you leave moldy items in important areas, the mold will get into your carpet, drywall, insulation, wallboard, and other items in the room. For those concerned about insurance, First Call Response will help you determine which items you can repair and which you’ll need to replace.

Start the Mold Remediation Process

Fortunately, we have the right combination of expertise, knowledge, training, and equipment to deal with mold quickly. We want to stop your family, colleagues, and visitors from inhaling the mycotoxins that mold produces. Call our number to start the mold remediation process and it won’t be long before your home is finally down to healthy, natural levels again.

Flood? – You Need First Call Response

If you’ve experienced a flood, you need the water restoration service from First Call Response. We’ll help to remove excess water, dry the property, clean the property, and get you back on your feet. The early stages after flooding are critical because proper cleaning and drying processes prevent mold. When the drying and cleaning processes aren’t done correctly, this will lead to even more frustration as mold and mildew grow in the property.

Mold Can Spread Quickly

Often, people think we’re exaggerating when we say that mold can spread quickly around a property. However, it can take less than 72 hours to spread to several other areas. Therefore, it makes sense to contact our mold contractors to treat your property now. The longer you wait, the larger the mold removal process you’ll require because it will just keep spreading.

Mold Remediation

Our leading mold remediation process involves inspection, containment, air filtration, mold removal, and cleanup. We’re with you from beginning to end to bring your property back to its former glory so you can live happily and comfortably again.


Should I vacate the property?

Ultimately, we can’t answer this question because we don’t know the extent of the problem until the mold inspection. If you think that mold is causing illness for one or more members of the household, contact First Call Response and we’ll get to your property quickly. If the illness is severe, contact a medical professional for further advice.

How do I test mold in my property?

These days, you’ll find lots of home testing kits available on the market. You simply take a sample of the mold and send it off to a lab for results. However, we don’t recommend these kits because they only tell you the type of mold in your home. Regardless of what the test results say, you still want to eradicate it from your home or business property. Consequently, you may as well save yourself time and money by contacting First Call Response.

Are black mold and toxic mold a threat to my family?

Although it might surprise you to hear this, every property in the world has a little mold on surfaces and in the air. Yet, the issue needs treating when it’s visible and causing health problems for those inside the property. Depending on the type of mold, it could produce mycotoxins and other toxins. Unfortunately, you cannot tell the danger of mold by its color alone. Either way, you need a mold expert to visit your property and alleviate the problem through the mold remediation process.

If you’ve read the suggestions that toxin-producing mold can cause memory loss and pulmonary hemorrhage, there are actually no reports or scientific links between the two. This being said, you should still get mold remediation and removal services for the betterment of your family and property.

Contact First Call Response

As mold specialists, our service contains several features. We will:

  • Identify the source
  • Inspect the property using advanced equipment
  • Use containment procedures to stop the spread
  • Use air filtration equipment
  • Remove mold effectively with antimicrobial and anti-fungal treatments
  • Clean the infected areas

While waiting for us to arrive, turn off the HVAC system to prevent the spread, try to find the source, and keep children and pets away from the area. DO NOT touch the mold, use disinfectants/bleach, or paint over the mold.

Contact our team for expert help today!

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