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Odor Removal

If your home has a nasty odor, it can make what should be your haven into an unattractive place. Suddenly, you don’t like coming home after a long day of work because you can’t relax. What’s more, the idea of entertaining guests is impossible. Don’t worry, there are solutions to your problem, and it starts with First Call Response.


Causes of Odors

Sometimes, you can clean the house from top to bottom and still experience odors. In the past, we’ve spoken to many homeowners who have put up with smells in their property for many months. Yet, they can’t locate the cause and they don’t know how to remedy the situation. Sadly, some people reach the stage where they want to move property because of an odor.

If you’re like most, you’ve tried all the so-called ‘odor eliminators’ on the market. However, the smell always seems to come back. Unfortunately, this is because the products are designed to mask the odor for a while rather than eliminate them completely. On the other hand, it could be that the odor is so deeply ingrained into the materials of your home that no off-the-shelf product in the world can help.

What does this mean? Well, we have good news because First Call Response can assist in your house odor removal journey. Whether you think the odor comes from pet urine, tobacco smoke, something decomposing, or another source, we have the equipment and experience you need to finally eliminate this problem from your home.

Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of causes in the home odor removal niche. As well as smoke and pets, other causes include biological contaminants, spoiled food, mildew and mold, and more. Although you might think that mold is just an aesthetic problem, it’s often accompanied by a musty odor. With something like mold, safe professional odor removal in your home is essential.


Musty Odor in Properties

With pet urine and tobacco smoke, the causes are obvious. Whether from members of your household or the people who inhabited your property before you, the key to removing this smell from your home is to treat all affected surfaces and materials. When your home has a musty odor, it’s often harder to identify the problem.

In some cases, stagnant air causes issues. If you don’t open windows in a room and shut the door too, no fresh air circulates, and this causes a musty smell in the room. If you attempt to dry your clothing in this room after a wash, your clothes could also smell musty after extended periods in this environment.

Elsewhere, we’ve already touched on another of the biggest causes of musty odor in mold and mildew. The reason you’ll want to get rid of mold and mildew goes well beyond smell – it also protects the health of all inhabitants. If somebody in your household is sensitive to mold or has allergies, they can suffer from coughing, itchy eyes, excessive sneezing, skin irritation, and wheezing.

First Call Response has an extensive mold remediation service to rid your property of all mold and mildew. Whether on furniture, behind cabinets, behind wallpaper, or in carpets, we’ll have the advice and equipment you need to deal with the issue accordingly. The more you allow mold colonies to grow in a commercial or residential property, the more likely you are to experience musty odor.


Tobacco Smoke and Pet Urine

Indoor odor removal is also important if you have tobacco smoke or pet urine smells around your home. As mentioned previously, these smells aren’t exactly welcoming to guests, and it can get many homeowners feeling down about their home (especially if they gave up smoking some time ago!).

When somebody smokes inside your property, the odors can stick to many surfaces from carpets to curtains. Over time, you start to notice the smell on your clothing and even bedding as you try to sleep. When tobacco smoke gets into the HVAC system, it’s then transported to all other rooms.

If you want to remove the smell of tobacco smoke from your home, it’s not just a simple case of vacuuming and cleaning the curtains. Instead, we recommend First Call Response for extensive services. We have the right experience and the equipment to finally free your home of this unpleasant smell.

Similarly, First Call Response can also help those who are overwhelmed by the smell of pet urine whenever they walk into their home. Even if it’s not pet urine specifically, pets can affect the smell of a home. Maintenance is key and this includes regular vacuuming, changing the air filters, and cleaning your pet.

If there are some smells that you just can’t eliminate, you need the house odor removal service from our brilliant team. Whether caused by your pet or otherwise, removing the source of the smell sometimes isn’t enough. A professional service doesn’t just take the pressure off your shoulders, but it also opens the door to higher-quality cleaning products and equipment.

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Why should you choose our service? Well, unpleasant odors don’t just appear magically. They always have a source, and this source is sometimes problematic for the inhabitants as well as the structural integrity of the property (as is the case with mold). Why not contact our amazing team before somebody in the home gets sick or the mold spreads to other areas of the home?

With the right qualifications and equipment, you can be confident that we will perform indoor odor removal while also helping with the source of the odor (whether this is through remediation or advice). We’re insured and licensed to perform these services throughout Florida and recommend picking up the phone today. If you want professional odor removal in your home, you can’t go wrong with First Call Response.

As well as mold remediation, we can help with water restoration, fire restoration, indoor air quality testing, and more. Get rid of the nasty odors today and feel comfortable inviting friends over for dinner again!

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