Hurricane flooded businesses

What Should I Do After a Hurricane Floods My Business

Despite the many positives of living in Florida, one of the biggest problems is the likelihood of natural disasters and extreme weather events. As a business, flooding after a hurricane has the potential to cause lots of financial and emotional damage. While you can’t predict when damage will come in the yearly projections, you can have a strong plan in place to recover when the worst happens. We believe that the best part of any plan comes in the shape of hurricane restoration from First Call Response.

If floods after a hurricane have impacted your business, we recommend reaching out to our brilliant team today. The sooner you contact, the sooner an experienced technician can visit your business property and minimize the damage.

Dealing with Hurricane Floods

After a hurricane, the first thing you need to do is check on the safety of all those inside the building (this is why keeping a list of all visitors is so important). How are employees? Are all guests safe? If flooding has caused problems with the electrical systems, it’s best to evacuate the building (assuming that the danger has passed outside).

If you think that the building is dangerous, stay outside and contact First Call Response as soon as possible. Our expert team can also help after extreme weather, wildfires, tropical storms, earthquakes, mudslides, and other naturally-occurring events.

Often, company owners worry about the business’s insurance company and the steps they need to take to follow the insurance policy. Most businesses are aware of how insurance companies operate and that they don’t like to pay out claims. In the beginning, however, you need to concentrate on keeping people safe. After calling First Call Response, we can advise on insurance measures and how to make a successful claim.

How Storm Restoration and Hurricane Restoration Works

From the moment you get in contact with our excellent team, you’re in safe hands. A trained and experienced technician will visit your property to assess the water damage before then creating a plan to get your business back on its feet. During these early stages, speed is essential because you can limit damage to important machinery and equipment within the building.

After reaching your property, our technicians perform a full assessment. Then, they’ll create a personalized plan to get the building back into operating condition. This plan is likely to include the following:

  • Leak detection
  • Dehumidification
  • Thermal inspections
  • Water removal
  • Structural drying

By treating the water damage quickly, we can minimize the damage to your property and its contents while also reducing the risk of mold in the period after the hurricane. While dealing with the water damage, we also keep our thoughts on your business’s insurance company and what they expect in these situations.

For example, we can help you determine the items that can be repaired and the items that will need replacing. Since we’re accustomed to working with insurance companies, we know how to go through the restoration process successfully.

First Call Response

Do you need to choose a storm restoration or hurricane restoration service? No, you can go about the recovery process however you wish. Yet, you will enjoy the following benefits with a company like First Call Response:

  • Professional assistance with experience in this area
  • The best equipment and resources
  • Experience with insurance companies
  • Personalized plans to help the business

We will help your business to analyze the damage, remove excess water, dry the property, clean the property, and assist insurance claims. Why not contact today?

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